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Steering group

Weegie Wednesday is run by a steering group of elected volunteers.

  • Chairperson: David Liston (Chair of committee)
  • Treasurer: Ron Grosset (keeps the money records)
  • Secretary: Jacqueline Smith
  • Social Media: Jacqueline Smith (Various as reqd)
  • Ordinary member: Liz Pitman Small
  • Ordinary member: Ewan Strachan
  • Ordinary member: Etta Dunn
  • Ordinary member: Peter Kerr

The committee meets once a month, and at other times if necessary. If you have any ideas or contributions to make, please just email us or speak to us at a Weegie Wednesday meeting.


How is the steering group elected?

The steering group is elected at the AGM. You can read The Weegie Wednesday Constitution which explains the annual election process at the AGM. If you wish to join the committee, please speak to a steering group member.

There are other ways to help out at Weegie Wednesday without committing your time to the committee. Some people help with our meet and greet each month, and some help with other tasks from time to time. If you would like to offer help, please let us know.

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