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About Weegie Wednesday

Weegie Wednesday began in January 2007 in Glasgow to provide an opportunity for writers, publishers, comic book writers and artists, poets, screen writers, drama writers, booksellers, librarians, TV and film people, journalists, marketing people, creative writing students and anyone else with an interest to get together socially once a month (usually the middle Wednesday of each month, but please check on our events section) to talk about books, writing and publishing and all points related.

We host monthly events to –

  • Develop networking relationships
  • Highlight business opportunities
  • Encourage idea sharing for writers and those interested in the process of writing and related fields
  • And - we get a grant thanks to Glasgow Life. The grant helps us to develop our aims and it helps to supports the costs related to the networking events
  • Host short talks at the events from key, relevant speakers about their area of expertise, and to give information, their story or share their inspiration.

Do I need to be a member to attend Weegie Wednesday?

You do not need to be a member to come to Weegie Wednesday. However, we are keen to sign up new members. Membership is free, and you can join online. To join, please read our Constitution and sign up once you have read it.

As a member you can attend our AGMs, and you join our database of members

We confirm membership by email and we accept members who live within the Glasgow radius, and who can attend meetings. Our main function is to offer networking at the meetings. We normally gently discourage people who live beyond a common-sense travelling distance to WW as we encourage contact and people to come along. You do need to be a member of Weegie Wednesday to join our members’ directory.

Attending Weegie Wednesday

The spirit of Weegie Wednesday is to promote networking, welcome new people, and get people meeting. Our steering committee do their best to introduce new people, but the best thing to do is introduce yourself to people and not be shy. We try never to have cliques and to be friendly and welcoming. There is a real mix of people who attend – long term members and new people. Some drop in twice or once a year, and some come every month – we are always happy to welcome anyone with an interest in writing and the creative industries.

Find out more about what Weegie Wednesday is all about and how it can help you.

Weegie Wednesday would like to thank Glasgow Life, particularly Arts Development Officer, Simon Biggam, for their support in our development years. Our last grant was in 2016/17 but our fundraising continues, as does our work in the community. Part of our plan for this year is to focus on expanding our network and publicise it more, so if you think you can help with that, please speak to a committee member or email us through the website or contact us through FB.

Weegie Wednesday would like to thank Saramago, at the CCA Terrace Bar for working with us.

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