Zara Gladman

Zara Gladman

Dr Zara Gladman is a recovering scientist and zoo-LOL-ogist based in Glasgow.

Zara began her career in zoology, completing a PhD in invasive crayfish in 2012. Since then, she has dabbled in stand up comedy, musical performance and writing. In 2014, she created satirical alter-ego and YouTube hit “Lady Alba” described by Joyce MacMillan as “Sharp, witty, well-made, and a great advertisement for the sheer creative energy and wit of the latest generation of young Scottish artists.” In 2016 she was selected for The List Magazine’s Top 20 “to watch” and in 2017 she co-wrote “Chasing the Waves, an award-winning musical comedy show that shares the story of how scientists made the groundbreaking detection of gravitational waves. She is a short filmmaker for BBC The Social.

In 2017 Zara co-wrote a sitcom 'Culture Club' with fellow scientist Dr Laura McNamara. The pilot was selected out of over 100 entries for the inaugural 'Persistent and Nasty' performance event in January 2018 and long-listed for the UK's Funny Women Awards.

Zara's comedy-drama short 'A Gentle Hike' has been selected by ArtsEd Original Screenplay Project for production in 2018.

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