Eva Moreda

I'm an academic and fiction writer from Galicia, in North-Western Spain, currently living in the Glasgow area.

I have published four full-length adult novels in the Galician language, three of which won or were nominated for literary prizes. The last one, A Veiga é como un tempo distinto, was one of three novels nominated for the San Clemente Prize to the best Galician novel of the year 2011. It has also been translated into Spanish, and a translation into English is forthcoming next year.

I also write fiction and creative-non fiction in English (mostly as Eva Ferry), and have recently completed a novel. Some of my pieces have been featured or are forthcoming in Salome Lit, The Public Domain Review, The Corvus Review and others.

As an academic, I have published two books and several academic articles about music under the Franco regime and in exile. I am also keen to disseminate my research among non-academic audiences, and do so through the website Spanish music in exile.

I'd be interested in meeting people with an interest in topics such as: literature in small countries (Galicia/Scotland) and in minority languages (Galician, Scots, Gaelic); writing bilingually or multilingually; translation; writing and cultural exchange (especially Spain-Uk but also beyond); writing and exile, emigration and displacement; music and writing; historical research in fiction. I'm open to collaborations, organizing events together or simply having a chat over coffee!

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