Julie Hughes

Hello, my name is Julie, known as Julie Bubbles. I am a very creative person and adore writing. I've been extremely lucky to attend Writers days with Lorraine Johnston recently, which has excited and inspired me even more regarding a future with writing. We are called "The Inklings"and have gelled wonderfully. I have one particular story I want to concentrate on which is when I was in a coma for 2 weeks, my Family told to "expect the worst"but thankfully I was stronger. In "My wee Coma world" I experienced many bizarre, vivid and often terrifying lives as I slept .When I awoke I did not even realize I was married to my amazing,loving Husband (together then,for 14 years) but was indeed married to someone else " The Blonde Commander of Gartnavel", luckily my true love came trickling back. I scribbled all my memories down, when I finally was able to and spent months in Hospital, where real life bizarre stories also happened. I want to share these incredible,scary but uplifting stories as well as meeting more inspiring people and indulging in some more creativity with you. Thanks and Take care.

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