Chris Bryce

Chris Bryce

I'm a lover of genuine, meaningful communication, in all formats. I write short stories and bits of novels and have had one piece published.

I discovered while taking editing and proofreading courses (to improve my own writing) that I have an interest in these practices too. My professional body, the Society for Editors and Proofreaders, has provided me with training and a chance to hang out and eat cake with other word geeks.

Basically, as long as I'm working with words, I'm happy. I use my editing skills and training to provide developmental critiques of first drafts and to copy-edit text. The proofreading I offer helps to polish text and present it in the best format possible.

I've been attending WW meetings each month since the start of 2017 and getting a lot of encouragement from both the speakers and the other members. When my 4-year-old starts school in August, I want to pull together my shelved creative writing and set some serious time aside for it.

Presently I write, edit and proofread for independent authors, academics, business and not-for-profit organisations (from turning English poems into Scots to writing business website wording).

I hold two Masters degrees (business and psychology) and also have a qualification in the 'dismal' science of health economics.

You'll find out more about me and what I do at My blogs are often featured on the Glasgow Editors' Network site.

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